Adult .22 Biathlon

Adult Biathlon Ages 20+

This is a program designed to allow adults to learn and experience the sport of Biathlon. Athletes will be instructed in range protocols, safety, precision shooting, skate skiing and other aspects of the sport. At least a willingness to develop an intermediate level of skate skiing is required

Race Events – athletes will be supported at all Race Events that the Club’s .22 Race Development athletes are attending


Adults 20+


Starting September 28,  Saturdays and Wednesday evenings (as daylight permits). Dryland training will take place until adequate snow coverage at Highlands Nordic.

Program ends mid March.

Equipment & Program requirements:

  • .22 Biathlon rifle (rent or own)
  • PAL 
  • Personal ammunition
  • Biathlon Canada membership
  • Roller ski poles
  • Striding/dryland ski poles. Typically 5-10 cm shorter than classic poles.
  • Bike Helmet, reflective clothing, gloves
  • Wrist watch with stopwatch/timer functions
  • Water bottle and carrier
  • Access to skate rollerskis
  • Access to appropriate race skate skis
  • Access to early season rock skis (Crown & Skate)
  • Skate poles (length suggested by coach)
  • Skate boots
  • Blue non fluoro glide wax
  • Season trail pass, purchased from Highlands Nordic
  • Access to Mtn. Bike
  • Participation in HTB bond hour volunteer program

Athletes are expected to read and abide by the athlete Code of Conduct


Program fee $1050, Range fee $200.  Service Hour Obligation – see here for an explanation of this program as well as the chart of hours required by program.

 Other Fees & Costs 

  • If you are registering for ANY BIATHLON PROGRAM, please register with Biathlon Ontario / Biathlon Canada BEFORE continuing with registration. Registrants will not be permitted to participate in any range activities without this registration. 
  • Registrants in Adult Biathlon Program must purchase a season pass from Highlands Nordic.
  • Event travel, food & accommodation 
  • Race entry fees
  • Coaching & Waxing fees for large events as cost recovery