Vision & Mission


Highlands Trailblazers is a community ski club dedicated to inspiring a passion for cross country skiing and biathlon across all ages and skill levels


To provide the resources and opportunities that connect, build, and inspire biathlon & cross-country athletes of all levels, contributing to their sport development through a vibrant volunteer support community and committed excellence to coaching and programming.



  • Respect – “Treating everyone fairly, being transparent, following best practices set out by the Coaching Association of Canada, following the rule of 2, being considerate to others’ feelings, time, and energy, and adhering to the HTB Parent & Athlete Code of Conduct”
  • Excellence – “Working to help our community members achieve their personal goals, promoting overall personal growth through responsible risk taking, adventures, challenges, fun, teamwork, and competition”  
  • Attitude – “Everyone who wants to develop, can”
  • Community – “Athlete centred, coach driven, and supported by parents and volunteers. Working as a team, supporting one another, with a sense of belonging, T.E.A.M. (Together Everyone Achieves More)”
  • Health – “Fostering positive, long-term physical and mental health through a supportive network of physically active club and members”